Coming this week 2006 Cabernets Under $20


This week lets not break the bank! I am going after the elusive under $20 bottle of wine that is still drinkable! You know we all search for that.

So that being said this week I will put these three gems to the test, and possibly others. The reason I pick these three. They appear to be readily available in most wine shops I walked into. When I gave them the preliminary taste I found them to be “not bad”  and one is under $10!

So coming this week are

1. Silver Palms, $16 – A Napa Valley Cab that when it first came out was touted as a restaurant only wine and sold for as much as $30 in the shops that had it. Having had this wine a few months back, I can tell you it was good.

2. Louis Martini, $10 – This is the Sonoma Cab, no its not Monte Rosso. Alexander Valley or Napa. Its a bit of a blend that they really played with and you should be able to find this anywhere and for $10 its worth the time

3. Bishops Peak, $12 – Paso Robles Cab,Another highly allocated wine. This one is a bare bones offer from the people at Talley. I have not yet tried it so get ready this week!


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